Saturday, November 18, 2017

Hiking Spring Mountain Ranch-Las Vegas NV

It's a gorgeous early November day with a nice cool breeze and a gentle afternoon sun, exploring the sites around Las Vegas NV. My adventures took me out to Spring Mountain Ranch, which is located in the Red Rock Canyon area west of Las Vegas. The ranch had several famous owners, one was Howard Hughes and a German actress,Vera Krugg. Some of you may recall the infamous Krugg Diamond Caper back in the 50's. The Krugg diamond was a 33.6 carat diamond ring that made headlines in the day and the story goes that it was recovered shortly thereafter in NJ. The diamond ring was later auctioned off to Richard Burton for his wife Elizabeth Taylor. In 1974 the state of Nevada made it into a State Park. Spring Mountain Ranch is perfect for hiking, no matter your skill level, picnicking or just sitting under a shady tree taking in the beautiful Nevada scenery. So if your looking for a little bit of adventure, exercise, fresh air and incredible mountain scenery, you will not be disappointed. Best part, from there you can head down the road and explore Red Rock Canyon or Bonnie Springs. This part of town has truly become my favorite place to explore!

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