Saturday, September 23, 2017

Hill Country Cattle Ranch Outside Bellville TX

Driving along miles of dusty gravel Texas back roads, we finally arrived at the gate of the private 200 acre Lake House in Bellville . The Buffalo came to greet us, their immense stature was very intimidating as they approached our 4 Runner. Thankfully they moved along disinterested after realizing we were not the cowboys that came to feed them. Opened the heavy barred gate and drove over the cattle grates down a long pitted gravel road, marked by regular use of heavy hoofed buffalo and Long Horn cattle. Finally, past an opening in the trees and there it was a quaint 1850's German cottage. Surrounded by lush green rolling hills and a 13 acre lake. Across the road was another fenced pasture with Long Horn cattle and calves grazing peacefully. The calves were playfully jumping and skipping, such a joyous sight to see.  The sky was so blue in contrast of the deep green grass waving in the wind on the hills. Big white fluffy clouds and a peak of blooming bluebonnets dotted the landscape. The following morning was truly delightful, so quiet all you could hear were birds chirping and cows mooing. Sitting on the back porch swing with a hot steaming cup of coffee overlooking the scenic Hill Country of Texas. Yeehaw!

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